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The Nestinars, a fully-remote independent studio

Founding date

December 20, 2019


Press contact

[email protected]

Social media

Steam - Grey Eminence
Reddit - r/greyeminence
Discord - Grey Eminence
Twitter - @nestinars
Facebook - The Nestinars
YouTube - The Nestinars


The Nestinars is an independent collective of passionate programmers, designers and artists, dedicated to building revolutionary grand strategy video games. Our debut title is Grey Eminence, a historical grand strategy spanning 1356 – 1956.



Download all screenshots and artwork as a zip archive (172.4 MB)

Battles artwork Castle and sea artwork Farmers artwork Throne room Mountains Procession Celebration Arabs Diplomacy Technology Elites Coronation Coat of Arms Smith Consumption Budget Inflation Ruins Trade Merchant Finances Game screenshot 1 Game screenshot 2 Game screenshot 3 Game screenshot 4 Game screenshot 5

Logo & Branding

Download all logos and branding as a zip archive (24.1 MB)

Grey Emimnence logo Grey Eminence logotype Grey Eminence logo and logotype Nestinars logo with text and background Nestinars logo with text Nestinars logo Rosette