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The Nestinars, a fully-remote independent studio

Founding date

December 20, 2019


Press contact

[email protected]

Social media

Steam - Grey Eminence
Reddit - r/greyeminence
Discord - Grey Eminence
Twitter - @nestinars
Facebook - The Nestinars
YouTube - The Nestinars


The Nestinars is an independent collective of passionate programmers, designers and artists, dedicated to building revolutionary grand strategy video games. Our debut title is Grey Eminence, a historical grand strategy spanning 1356 – 1956.



Download all screenshots and artwork as a zip archive (112.2 MB)

Battles artwork Castle and sea artwork Farmers artwork Throne room Mountains Procession Celebration Arabs Diplomacy Technology Elites Coronation Coat of Arms Smith Consumption Game screenshot 1 Game screenshot 2 Game screenshot 3 Game screenshot 4 Game screenshot 5

Logo & Branding

Download all logos and branding as a zip archive (24.1 MB)

Grey Emimnence logo Grey Eminence logotype Grey Eminence logo and logotype Nestinars logo with text and background Nestinars logo with text Nestinars logo Rosette